thanx man, i needed this track in my life


Beach nebula inna place we’d all love to go

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Shouts out to www.soundcloud.com/mastah-syphe for the master

Fresh off his recent release “On The Grind” ATLalien “MANIKAN” drops another big e.p for you fans of the South. His title track “GGGGettin Head” is straight gutter goodness. With a vocal hook that will stay in your brain and hard hitting bass and drums that show why he is one of the South’s upcoming rising artist.

To equip with these big tune’s are 2 slamming remixes by the likes of Australian Bosstone and the Philly homie Krueger. “100K” finishes of this well rounded release making it rain for you.

#Depression - this dude is right tho #$XO #x8x ::

im a better dj then 99 percent of u dicks go on my bandcamp and cash out today


made a little re-fix of down & up for the house headz


Dark, Downtempo gruvz $XO x8x

Mediafire link coming soon.


0:00 Penistrate - Meaningless Bullshit
1:43 Adept - Crowgoras Mist
2:53 Hadda - Nightmares of the Devil
4:43 Rowl - Resolutions
7:00 Versa and Rowl - Theory of One
9:41 Truth ft Yayne - Time (Kaiju Re-edit)
11:31 My Nu Leng - Bubba Ho-Tep (Kaiju Remix)
13:20 ARtroniks - Control
16:05 Dvlpr and NoMan - Old Times
21:34 Omah - The Things you do
24:19 DFRNT - Remember When
27:30 Anex - Delusions
30:15 Dubbacle - On the Edge [Out now on Future Grooves Vol. 2: http://soundcloud.com/futuregroovesx/dubbacle-on-the-edge]
32:33 Perverse - Undergrowth
34:22 Morrison - Obscurum
36:12 Widowmaker - Indestructible
38:01 Iant. - NYE (2012 Riddim) [Dub]
40:19 Ben Verse, LX One and Youngsta feat Darrison - Different Way
42:36 Perverse - New Begginnings
45:47 Headhunter - Drop the Waste
48:32 Catacombs - Exodus (with Knowledge)
50:22 Demon - Frostbite
52:12 Distance - Searching
54:50 Gantz - Addict [Dub]
57:48 Killawat and Ipman - Xibalba
1:00:59 Author - Dashiki
1:03:50 Coleco - Hypnagogia

Sum how this almost totally describes me in a day.  Blanco givin voices to the mute #$XO #x8x::

Mykki Blanco - Join My Militia (Nas Gave Me A Perm) (by Mykki Blanco)

OH yeah, radickal dopene$$::

Mykki Blanco - Wavvy - Directed by Francesco Carrozzini (by Mykki Blanco)